Jordan Peterson and Brett Weinstein: “Metaphorically true, but literally false.”

  1. Human beings (uniquely) can delay gratification.
  2. Because we can delay gratification, we form beliefs about the potential for an afterlife.
  3. Belief in an afterlife is an example of delayed gratification meant to improve our communities and the lives of our offspring yet is, “metaphorically true, but literally false.” [Brett’s quote, which contextually refers to an afterlife not being real (“literally false”), but because belief in an afterlife alters the behavior (delayed gratification) of an individual or even a tribe during their time on earth, it can improve the lives of everyone in the community and the lives of all their offspring (which makes a belief in an afterlife that improves the human species, “metaphorically true”).]
  4. Faith in and adherence to metaphor and fantasy may present us with a higher form of truth than does belief in cold, hard facts. (Which was a question posed by Jordan Peterson.)

The Critical Importance of Storytelling

I think storytellers have a responsibility to communicate the Divine.

The Definition of Divine

Storytelling and the Divine Message

  1. The goal of the storyteller’s artistry?
  2. A means to understanding the Divine?
  3. A means by which to communicate the message of the Divine to humanity?

How Storytellers = Scientists

The dual roles the storyteller must take on are: scientist and theologian.

How Storytellers = Theologians

Questions for Consideration

  • Is supreme truth — even when conveyed in metaphor — Divine?
  • What implications does that have on stories and storytellers? Should we act, think, or feel differently?
  • What arguments exist that would contradict these assumptions and theories?
  • If storytellers do convey the Divine, what does that mean for society?
  • Should storytellers behave as both scientists and theologians or should they behave in some other way that I postulated here? And if so, how?




I love storytelling. I write novels and screenplays. My latest book, DEATH OF A BOUNTY HUNTER, is out now!

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Jay Sherer

Jay Sherer

I love storytelling. I write novels and screenplays. My latest book, DEATH OF A BOUNTY HUNTER, is out now!

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